About Foodtopia

What is Foodtopia and who is Kristen?

I come from a family that tries, makes, and does everything they can. Carpentry? Check. Tiling and grouting? Check. Ceramics? Check. Movie-making? Check. The list goes on and on. This results in an overzealous, sometimes overachieving blogger that will try her hand in just about anything. Primarily, food. But the crafty side never sleeps so unless I get to pipe frosting on a cake, there will be sewing, embroidering, painting, and decorating.

The Food

I know people and I know you’re here for the food. Browse for some of your favorite recipes or recipes that might use your favorite foods in different ways. Use the search bar to sort by cooking method, ingredient, or any other term you might find useful. You can find all cakes this way or all recipes that use, um, anchovies. Because, um. We eat those?

I love food. I love to eat. I don’t believe in dieting. I do believe in moderation. When you see loads of cupcakes, you should know that most of them go to other people–like co-workers, friends, relatives. I halve, third, and fourth recipes like a fiend and my freezer is my best friend (hello, it’s full of brownies).

I can tell you now you won’t find beets. I’m allergic and Chad has yet to request them.

The Crafting

To be fair, crafting is used as an all-encompassing word that only sort of describes all the stuff I do to my house. Like I said, I will probably attempt to do home-related stuff myself (like repair a leaky sink!) so that’s why you’ll see a re-upholstered chair, repurposed old sheets as drapes, and all manner of homemade decorations. And rather than buy regular Christmas ornaments for friends and family, I loooove making them and making them silly. In fact my boyfriend and I have freshly made, silly-looking Christmas stockings. It might be a while for the crafts to show up on here though…blogging is time-consuming. I write this as I sit on a couch that is missing a cushion because I need to sew up a rip that was there when I bought it.

The Roommate

Meredith Bachman Hankins is my wonderful, adorable, talented roomate who helps a lot with the blog. She eats food, does photography, and gives input about the design and content of the blog. She lives with me now but will soon live in sunny (or not) Tacoma, Washington with her hubby Danny (Lt. Dan). And they better set up an extra bedroom for me because I will miss them too much to not visit. And when her parents miss her I’ll gladly visit them since I’m their extra daughter.

The Boy

And there’s a boy here! Chad serves as helper, sometimes recipe creator, and co-eater. Likes: bacon, steak, potatoes, shellfish, Hawaiian and Mexican food, jerky, gravy, pizza, lasagna, pasta, broccoli, wings and most recently pesto pasta and quiche. His mom is so proud of me. Dislikes: most green things, most sweet things, anything that tastes like vinegar, banana peppers, and his stomach doesn’t like dairy products but it does like lactose aids so we’ve got that all covered. Bring on the bacon pizza.


Aside from leaving comments on the posts themselves, I’d be thrilled to get an email from you. You should know however, that I don’t need prescription medication, I don’t need a body part enhanced, and my budgeted African prince handout money is already promised to someone else. I do moderate comments and delete nasty comments, advertisements, or things that do not pertain to anything related to the post or blog. Unless they’re fun. I rule with a flour-dusted iron fist. If your query or comment regards a specific recipe or craft project, I’d recommend leaving it on that post so others can benefit from your questions or thoughts. If you see a grammer errer, hide your eyes or I suppose if it’s glaring, you can email me. I’ll just get pissed at myself and go fix it. If you have a recipe to share with me or a suggestion for the site or future recipes, I would love to hear from you.

foodtopiarecipes [at] gmail [dot] com

In addition to the site, you can see content on the foodtopiarecipes facebook fanpage. Be a fan!  Upload pics and communicate with other readers to tell what worked and didn’t work for you. Follow on twitter to get up-to-date info about the site and alerts for new posts. Check out more photos on the foodtopia flickr page. You’re also more than welcome to tell your experiences with my recipes on your own blog but please reference and link back to me because, hey, that’s how this works!

DON’T however, copy, steal, or modify the content you find here. I made the food and crafts and took the photos (unless Chad or Meredith took the photos in which case I gave them credit or they told me they didn’t care) and I write all the content myself which means you shouldn’t steal it. And stealing is hereby defined as reproducing my photos, text, or content without prior written consent from me.

Lastly, thanks for being here. I’m thrilled to see ya.

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