Cincinnati, Ohio

My roommate and friend Meredith Bachman Hankins took me here over a spring break when I stayed with her and her family. We basically had a date night (What? Don’t judge. We rocked it.) and we ended it with a special dessert…at Graeter’s. I, of course, pretended to be unaware of the mere concept of ice cream so I could try almost all of them and was that ever a good idea. Black raspberry? Awesome. Caramel? Insane. Lemon? Out of this world. If you’re lucky enough, you might be able to buy it at grocery stores too. I’m in that group too so…internet five! *smack*

Montgomery Inn Boathouse
Part one of my “date” with Meredith was the Montgomery Inn Boathouse. Try to set up a reservation because this is the best restaurant in town and people know it. It’s on the river and just beautiful. Meredith and I had  the potato chips and barbeque sauce (dibs) and then at dinner we both had ribs, baked potatoes, and great big salads (dibs). They have barbeque sauce bibs, y’all, and great service. You can buy bottles of the different sauces to take home and you can ORDER RIBS ONLINE. What. Up. You’re gonna love it here.