Irvine, California

When I lived in California I became friends with several people I later realized I couldn’t stand. One of whom took me to this restaurant which instantly became a favorite. This is Mexican, yes, but it’s fancy Mexican, not greasy taco joint Mexican. My chipotle cream chicken with black beans and rice is directly inspired by their chipotle chicken. I took my dad, Meredith, and Meredith’s gorgeous and brilliant sister Heather there and, of course, tried their food too. The chipotle chicken was still my favorite in spite of serious competition from the delicious prawn dishes and fajitas. Go here for a beautiful, romantic atmosphere or hit the bar for a laid-back, lantern-lit dinner and drinks.

One response to “Irvine, California

  1. Dear Foodtopia, I lived in Cali for a long time too and started laughing when I read what you wrote about realizing how some people you met you couldnt stand!! Totally true when I was visiting LA one of my friends roomates took me to an awesome restaurant I have never forgotten. Thing is the roomate was the meanest person I have ever met. Guess I would call that a typical LA experience? Thanks for sharing! Cheers, Gaby
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